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                  NTB-50-4 固體鑲嵌潤滑軸承 / Solid-lubricant-Embedded
                  NTB-50-4 Series
                  Substrate characteristics
                  NTB-50-4 inlaid solid lubricating bearings with cast iron as the base material, according to the use conditions by a certain percentage of its working surface and fill cavities machined solid lubricant, cast iron alloy provides a high load carrying capacity and the solid lubricant can form a low friction, showing a low speed under high load conditions its excellent self-lubricating properties.
                  Technical Parameters

                  NTB-50-4 self-lubricating material provides a solution that combines abrasion resistance and mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties of cast iron solid lubricant, so that in the process without the use of oil or less maintenance; particularly suitable for high load so if the car at low speed and intermittent swing working conditions covering die, metal stamping dies, injection molding machinery and metallurgical equipment.

                  Maximum load
                  Static load
                  70N/mm2      Hardness    HB>160
                  Dynamic bearing


                       Tensile strength


                  The maximum line speed  Dry     0.15m/s      Temperature    -40℃~+400℃
                   Lubrication     1m/s

                    The maximum PV value


                       Coefficient of friction


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