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                  NTB-50-2 固體鑲嵌潤滑軸承 / Solid-lubricant-Embedded
                  NTB-50-2 Series
                  Substrate characteristics
                  NTB-50-2 inlaid solid lubricating bearings, is the 6-6-3 bronze matrix, embedded graphite and MoS2 solid lubricants a solid lubricant. Because power density than bronze brass, so in high temperature and low load occasions, reflect very wearable.
                  Technical Parameters

                  Base material: CuSn6Zn6Pb3  
                  Dynamic load limit 60N/mm2 
                  Basic Hardness HB80~100 
                  Friction coefficient μ <0.15
                  Maximum operating temperature 350℃ 
                  Maximum sliding speed 2m/s

                  Industry use:

                  The product has been used in the fireplace doors, oven raceway, low load, high temperature, the speed of the occasion rubber machinery, light industrial machinery, machine tools industry.

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